#AuthorInterview: Alison Ragsdale author of “The Art of Remembering”

You do not want to miss this Interview with Alison Ragsdale! She is so special and has so much to share with us. Wait until you hear about all of her talents! Each of her books have something special to offer us. We are even meeting again on August 9th, because we have so muchContinue reading “#AuthorInterview: Alison Ragsdale author of “The Art of Remembering””

#AuthorInterview: Susan Schild author of “Summer at the Lakeside Resort”

You must watch this to learn more about Susan Schild’s life and all of her books! This is just so wonderful! She is delightful!

#BookReview: Evening in the Yellow Wood By Laura Kemp

Summary: Abandoned by an eccentric father on the eve of her twelfth birthday, Justine Cook has lived with her fair share of unanswered questions. Now, ten years later she leaves her life in southern Michigan and heads north to the mysterious town of Lantern Creek after seeing his picture in a local newspaper. Once there,Continue reading “#BookReview: Evening in the Yellow Wood By Laura Kemp”