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#NewRelease & #BookReview: Christmas Wishes by Tammy L. Grace ~ 5⭐️

Date Of Release: October 8, 2020


Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.
With Jo O’Malley’s busy career as a lawyer in Chicago, she rarely gets home to Idaho, but this year is different. Her little sister is getting married on Christmas Eve and she has two whole weeks to spend in the snow-covered mountains, with the three foster sisters she loves and Maddie, the woman who made them a family fifteen years ago.

Things get off to a rough start when the wedding is canceled, but Maddie asks them to enjoy their holidays together at the festive lodge as planned, in order to console their sister. It’s straight forward enough until Jo, through a chance encounter with a gorgeous golden retriever, runs into Luke, a boy she knew from her early childhood when she spent all her time at the local library

Jo’s not sure how to handle the unexpected attraction and her new feelings for Luke, who is all grown up now, handsome, and as kind as ever. He’s set on staying close to his family in Granite Ridge and she has a plane ticket back to her life in Chicago after the new year. Are the sparks between them merely due to the nostalgia of the season, or will Luke open Jo’s heart to the prospect of passion for something beyond her career?


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With each story, these books become more and more my most beloved and favorites to want to share!

Counting the days to each release!!

In the Soul Sister Series, We get to know each sister better by story! Each story by a different author! All being delivered in October. “Christmas Wishes” by Tammy L. Grace is the 8th!

Tammy L. Grace always delivers a beautifully, warm and cozy Christmas story. One that makes you want to be a better person! One that makes you want to adopt a pup (If you don’t have your own canine Best Friend 😉)

We meet Jo, the eldest of the four foster children taken in by Maddie. She leaves a farm where she was with other fosters, yet mistreated, and Maddie’s home feels like a start that may be a refreshing new beginning she’d never expected! I loved warming up to this story, as Jo warmed up to Maddie and her new foster sisters.

Between romance, the sisterly love, the familial love and the pup…I can only say that this book truly does need to be wrapped in a bow because it is everything we look for in a holiday story!

I trust each one will leave me wanting more! Tammy L. Grace is always perfection! I love her stories!!

I can’t wait to learn more about the Sisters!

I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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