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#BookReview: “Caching In” by Tracy Krimmer

Caching InSummary:

Can a compass lead you to love?

Broken-hearted Ally Couper has had enough with her ridiculous life. Her job at the bank is going nowhere, and her love life might as well be non-existent.

Determined to try something new, Ally becomes absorbed in the world of geocaching. The high-tech driven scavenger hunt introduces her to Seth, and she realizes the game isn’t the only thrilling part.

Ally’s bad luck may finally be changing, until the past threatens to halt her future with Seth. Can they find happiness together, or is love the one cache Ally can’t find?


You gotta love a book that makes you investigate a new hobby! Geocaching is something I knew my brother had enjoyed. After finishing this book, I had to ask my brother about his Geocaching experience and he said, “Yes it was fun, was a great reason to go walk around state parks and not just walk but have an adventure while walking.” Geocaching is like a treasure hunt…People leave “caches” in various locations (like parks) , and you are to go and “hunt” for it.

Tracy Krimmer writes a truly delightful story. It was a fun read, the kind you look forward to getting back to when you have to step away.

We meet Ally Couper (not to be confused with Ally She and her fiancé had broken up 8 months ago due to his philandering ways. She had what seemed like a dead end job as a Bank Teller, and was just going through the motions of life. Until she goes on her first Geocaching hunt, and meets Seth.  She is immediately attracted to him….they go out on a first date…which may be their last.

I fell in love with her best friend, Chelsea.  I am sure a lot of people don’t care much for her, as she is dating a man that already has a, she is the “other woman”. She was in this relationship for about two years.  Ally hated that she was dating him. It had to be hard on her, being that her fiancé was found cheating on her.

I did have a hard time wrapping my head around their friendship, as it seemed to be fueled with a lot of resentment..but I realized by the end of the book, that most friendships go through these stages.

This story had a lot of intriguing story lines, and I was immersed in it from page one.

If you want a fun, quick witted, chick lit read… This is a Must!!

I am already reading book two in this series, “Jay Walking”…and loving it!

I am so happy I met Tracy Krimmer along the way….Her books are a delight!

5 Stars.

Author interview

#Interview & #Giveaway: Tracy Krimmer, author of several romance novels!


Giveaway Rules:  Leave comments here, on Twitter, or on Facebook by Monday, October 12th by 4pm to be entered in to the drawing. The Winners will be announced sometime after 5pm that day.  The Winners will have to get me their delivery information by noon on Friday, October 16th.  GOOD LUCK!!

Tracy KrimmerQ:  When did you realize you were a novelist? Am I? I think it’s difficult sometimes to comprehend that! The moment I published my first book I knew, but I haven’t fully accepted it. I think everyone who writes books has a measurement of success they use and until you reach that, it doesn’t feel real!

Q:  With “Jay Walking” being released on August 4th, 2015, have you started your next big story?  The next book in the series, Sparing the Heart is already written and back from beta readers. I’ll be spending October and November revising it.Jay Walking

Annie: Please make sure I review this for you!  I am loving your books!  They are very engaging, and the characters are so very likable!

Q:  As you gear up for a Book Release, what is the most exciting part(s) for you? Relaxing. Okay, getting ready for a release itself isn’t relaxing, but it’s awesome getting to that point when I can just sit back and not have to worry about changing anything in the book.

Caching InQ:  I enjoy your book covers, especially the one for “Caching In”!  Are they hard to choose, design? I have an idea in my mind when I start writing the book. It’s relaying it to a designer that is hard. I usually search through images until I find the perfect one and let the designer go from there.

Q: When do you typically write?  Where do you write? Set the scene for us…. There are two ways I usually write my novels. I either write in short spurts standing up at the Steaming cup of coffeecounter, or I use EverNote and talk to text it while sitting outside. And I always have coffee!

Q:  What is your favorite part of being an author? There’s not a greater feeling than someone reading your book and expressing how much they loved it. Writing the books is so much fun, too.

Annie:  I will have your reviews ready to go within the next two days! 

Q:  May I ask who your favorite authors are?  Or, Books? I have so many I don’t want to leave any out! I love Jodi Picoult and Mary Robinette Kowal. My favorite books, though, are probably Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Siren by Tiffany Reisz, and Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read a ton of indie authors and there are so many of those I love.

Q:  Lastly, Book or eBook? Both. I actually haven’t opened my Kindle for about a month now. I’m on a paperback and hardcover kick. It all depends on my mood.

Annie;  It was a pleasure interviewing you, and I am looking forward to reading all of your books. I am almost finished with Caching In….and, I don’t want it to end!


Caching In

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