#BookReview & #AuthorInterview & #GiveAway: The Catch by T.M. Logan

Reviewer: Annie Horsky McDonnell Date of Release: June 11, 2020 Summary: From the Sunday Times and Richard and Judy Book Club author of THE HOLIDAY, comes an unmissable new thriller. He is not what he seems . . . Ed is delighted to meet his twenty-three year old daughter’s fiancé for the first time. AbbeyContinue reading “#BookReview & #AuthorInterview & #GiveAway: The Catch by T.M. Logan”

#BookReview: The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine

Reviewer: Ann Horsky McDonnell Date of Release: May 19, 2020 Summary: Breezing into the tony seaside paradise of Westport, Connecticut, gorgeous thirtysomething Piper Reynard sets down roots, opening a rehab and wellness space and joining a local yacht club. When she meets Leo Drakos, a handsome, successful lawyer, the wedding ring on his finger isContinue reading “#BookReview: The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine”

#BookReview: The Assistant’s Secret by Emerald O’Brien

Reviewer: Serena Soape Date of Release: June 16th, 2020 Summary: Josephine Oliver has a secret. As an assistant at security titan, Locke Industries, she’s presented with an opportunity to advance her career in the form of a test. Josephine jumps at the chance to dig herself out of debt and earn the company’s respect onContinue reading “#BookReview: The Assistant’s Secret by Emerald O’Brien”

#BookReview: You Were There Too by Colleen Oakley

Reviewer: Annie Horsky McDonnell Date of Release: January 7, 2020 Summary: Mia Graydon’s life looks picket-fence perfect; she has the house, her loving husband, and dreams of starting a family. But she has other dreams too — unexplained, recurring ones starring the same man. Still, she doesn’t think much of them, until a relocation toContinue reading “#BookReview: You Were There Too by Colleen Oakley”

#BookReview: This Won’t End Well by Camille Pagán

Reviewer: Annie Horsky McDonnell Date of Release: February 26, 2020 Summary: An ingeniously witty novel about the risks—and rewards—of opening your life to new people by Amazon Charts bestselling author Camille Pagán. No new people: that’s Annie Mercer’s vow. It’s bad enough that her boss sabotaged her chemistry career and her best friend tried toContinue reading “#BookReview: This Won’t End Well by Camille Pagán”