Annie – Founder

Annie McDonnell – (McHorsky) Founder

I have always loved to read and to inspire others to read by telling other constantly about the books I had read and loved. My first Book Review was published in 3rd grade for my elementary school newspaper. I always knew this was in my bones!! 

I read about a contest in Elle in November, 2006 where the 15 Contest Winners would become the “Readers’ Prize Panel” and review 3 Top Best Seller each month for the print magazine. We were asked to list our 5 favorite books and write a review of our favorite. So, I wrote a review for Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice”. About a month later I found out I was one of the Winners and I began receiving manuscripts to review. Right after that I started a blog, with all sorts of names (Readingaholics Book Reviews, & We Keep Turning Pages) but nothing stuck until The Write Review which officially began in 2010.

In 2012 I enjoyed working as an Associate Reviewer with Samantha March of Chick Lit Plus, and that was a lot of fun. She taught me things about Blogging that I did not know.

Sadly, Nearing the end of 2015 I had to take a medical hiatus, until early 2019. I had feared I would never get back to reading. To this day I still fight!! I hope I will never have to give this up. This work is truly my Life’s Breath! 

I have a very supportive husband, 3 of the most loving Dogs and 5 Wonderful Cats.

I volunteer for a local dog rescue named One Love Dog Rescue, Inc. They are an amazing organization and always in need of donations:

My favorite Genres are Psychological Thriller, Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoirs & Non-Fiction. I do bend to other genres occasionally when I meet the right book.

I also Support my local Indie Book Shop, Book Hampton. Please check out their link for your Book Shopping Needs! They also offer awesome Events!


I proudly use NetGalley to access books by authors I’d like to read before their publication date.  I am a Top & Professional Reviewer with them.


100 Book Reviews Reviews Published Professional Reader

I’d like to share my BookSirens Featured Reviewer Sticker & My ReaderRank:

Featured Book Reviewer
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2 thoughts on “Annie – Founder

  1. Hello, I have to fix that..thank you for letting me know. My email address is:
    I am booking for Sept 11th, 25th, and any Friday on/after Oct. 9.
    I’d love to review, “Pieces of it all”, do an interview and a giveaway..
    Send me an email to discuss.
    Thank you…I am excited to read your books…they look great!

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