The Girls of The Write Review


AnnieAnnie McDonnell – (McHorsky) Founder

I have always loved to read and to inspire others to read by telling other constantly about the books I had read and loved. My first Book Review was published in 3rd grade for my elementary school newspaper. I always knew this was in my bones!! Now, I need to locate it again and find out which book I reviewed.

I read about a contest in Elle in November, 2006 where the 15 Contest Winners would become the “Readers’ Prize Panel” and review 3 Top Best Seller each month for the print magazine. We were asked to list our 5 favorite books and write a review of our favorite. So, I wrote a review for Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice”. About a month later I found out I was one of the Winners and I began receiving manuscripts to review. Right after that I started a blog, with all sorts of names (Readingaholics Book Reviews, & We Keep Turning Pages) but nothing stuck until The Write Review which officially began in 2010.

In 2012 I enjoyed working as an Associate Reviewer with Samantha March of Chick Lit Plus, and that was a lot of fun. She taught me things about Blogging that I did not know.

Sadly, Nearing the end of 2015 I had to take a medical hiatus, until early 2019. I had feared I would never get back to reading. I was very excited that medical treatments were able to help me and I am hopeful that things will stay this way.

Then in March, 2019 I started “The Write Reviewer’s Book Club” on Facebook with the help of Serena Soape. We interview authors Live, have Book Club Chats & other Events,  share books sales, plenty of book information and hope in inspire book chat! I absolutely love it.

I have 3 Amazing Dogs and 5 Wonderful Cats. I volunteer for a local dog rescue, One Love Dog Rescue, Inc. They are an amazing organization and always in need of donations.

My favorite Genres are Psychological Thriller, Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Memoirs. I do bend to other genres occasionally when I meet the right book.

I also Support my local Indie Book Shop, Book Hampton. Please check out their link for your Book Shopping Needs! They also offer awesome Events!



TWRBC2Serena Soape – Book Club Co-Founder/Associate Book Reviewer

I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. I enjoy many different types of books; mostly thriller, romance, mystery even venture into historical fiction and horror from time to time. When I am not reading or working, I enjoy spending time with my 2 dogs and 6 birds – they keep life exciting. I have worked in the valve industry for 25 years and am sales manager at my company currently.

March 2019 we began The Write Reviewer’s Book Club. I was her Assistant with the Book Club, and it was wonderful. As the Book Club was growing, I became more aware of the importance of Book Reviews. Annie and I were working very closely together on a daily basis with the Book Club and she saw that I was writing reviews for every book I read and that I was receiving ARC’s from authors. Shortly after, Annie asked me to become an Associate Reviewer on The Write Review Blog, and I have been enjoying myself ever since. We make a great team.


2 thoughts on “The Girls of The Write Review

  1. Hello, I have to fix that..thank you for letting me know. My email address is:
    I am booking for Sept 11th, 25th, and any Friday on/after Oct. 9.
    I’d love to review, “Pieces of it all”, do an interview and a giveaway..
    Send me an email to discuss.
    Thank you…I am excited to read your books…they look great!

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