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World of the Write Review is growing daily, with new shows, events, and wonderful ideas coming from everyone!

I read about a contest in Elle Magazine in 2006 where the 15 Contest Winners would become the “Readers’ Prize Panel” and review 3 Top Best Seller each month for the print magazine. We were asked to list our 5 favorite books and write a review of our favorite. So, I wrote a review for Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice”. About a month later I found out I was one of the winners and I began receiving manuscripts to review. Right after that I started a blog, with all sorts of names (Readingaholics Book Reviews, & We Keep Turning Pages) but nothing stuck until The Write Review which officially began in 2010.Then in March, 2019 I started “The Write Reviewer’s Book Club” on Facebook with the help of Serena Soape. Which is now “World of The Write Review”, which is a 70 + author/book industry Global Co-op Community where we share our joy of reading and writing!

December, 2021 I retired and Angela Anderson of Angela Anderson Presents and so much more has accepted ownership. i could not be happier, she is perfect and this transition makes me so proud.

They interview authors Live & have other Events, share book sales, plenty of book and writing information and hope to inspire book chat!! I absolutely loved birthing this community.

The entire Book Community is so wonderful & I loved working with everyone to watch it grow! So, Head on over and Follow “The Write Review” & join “World of the Write Review” and Stamp Your Passport! 🌍

What People Say about Annie

I love being a part of The Write Review…an amazing place to be for the book community. Thank you for all you do!

Reena Agarwal Gilja, Member

Meeting Annie and being recently joined this book club as a “contributing moderator.” In my honest opinion, it is more than a book club. It is a literary club which fosters relationships between authors, poets, instructors and readers / reviewers. It is also a good source of information for people seeking to market their work.

Kristine Okhubo, author

Meeting Annie and being featured in The Write Review (with my memoir, Paradise Road) has been a highlight on my new author’s journey so far. Annie’s love for books, readers, and authors is immediately evident, and her personality is warm and infectious. She’s found her calling, and we all benefit!

Marilyn Kriete, author

You want to have fun while being introduced to new authors to read , come to The Write Review !

Diane Allen Robinson, Member

Being interviewed by Annie for The Write Review and having an opportunity to talk about my novel, Over The Hills Of Green, made me look at my own writing from a new angle. Annie has an uncanny gift for making her guests feel welcomed and at ease, offering a space where emotional acceptance and intellectual curiosity blossom.

E.V. Svetova, author

Annie is one of the most prepared interviewers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She also makes you feel comfortable and is a TON of fun

Laura Kemp, author

Let’s build something together! I am always open to new ideas!


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