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Publishing on October 12, 2021 with Temple Dark Publications


Historical Musings in 18th Century Ireland

In the midst of Rebellion are legends wrought, and Mogue Trench knows of a tale never told. What better time to relay it than as the rope awaits.

The Highwayman Joseph Mac Tíre knows of hardship – at the hands of Redcoats and Republicans alike – so Ireland’s political struggle has less appeal than mentoring an orphan in the ways of the underworld.

Yet the world has a way of catching up to men whose hearts know only darkness – men who hunt, and kill, and howl in rage.

But sooner or later, they howl no more.

Review: (yes, i had a lot to say)

“A Land Without Wolves” has me reminiscing of the classics because Daniel Wade’s novel belongs on the shelves among them! I trust this novel will still be discussed many years from now, because of all it can teach us in both craft and history. Daniel Wade has created a deeply satisfying immersion in to a dark time in Ireland’s history. So very entertaining I hated when I had to put it down.

Sometimes there are words that are just written on paper and then there are times when the words feel as if they have been etched and carved so deliberately becoming more vibrant and beautiful and intimate. Daniel takes the English language and has the ability to wrap words around one another with such nuance it’s seems just as effortless as the ink flows from pen to paper. I am still absolutely blown away!

Daniel Wade’s delivery of this 18th century story will be treasured for years to come. I was taken back to Ireland, drifting back into history I now feel profoundly close to. From the first few sentences I was immediately captivated, but at the end of the first chapter I became Daniel’s captive! With one sentence, Daniel knocked the wind out of me and I had to know more. He knows how to grab your attention and make you care about his richly developed characters as if they were your own ancestors. 

Daniel’s writing is so superb, I saw everything unfold in glorious rhythms.  I could see old maps in my mind as we weaved through various escapades. I could sense the trees on either side of me, as if I was in tandem with the horses or along on a walk. I could absolutely feel the damp air touch my face as it turned to rain and fog. I was aroused to feelings of fear and danger just as the characters were. I love giving into a story, and “A Land without Wolves” is one that you will want to allow all of your senses to revel in.

Daniel Wade has a gift where each line and paragraph of his story feels intentionally written “just for me”. He has a way of making you feel like an elevated, proud reader. I feel smarter for having read his novel! 

I’d like to think this story had to be written by candlelight with a quill pen, because the essence of the times is captured so flawlessly.

I am in such a wildly satisfying and exciting awe, I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

5 Howling Stars.

Author Bio:

Daniel Wade is a poet and playwright from Dublin, Ireland, and has been working with language in its many forms since 2007. A graduate of Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Daniel’s poetry has been published in numerous journals, newspapers, and anthologies. He has been a guest on Dublin South FM’s Rhyme and Reason poetry program, and Near FM’s Writer’s Block. In June 2015, his radio drama, The Outer Darkness, was broadcast on Dublin South FM. In 2017, Daniel had his play ”The Collector” playing at The New Theatre in Dublin. January 2020 saw the broadcast of his second radio drama, Crossing the Red Line, on RTE Radio One Extra. A prolific performer, Daniel has read his work at festivals including Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, Noeliefest, the West Belfast Festival, Dublin Fringe and the International Literature Festival 2019 (ILF).

Daniel’s Website: http: //www.danielwade.ie/

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