#BookReview & #StampYourPassport: 🇫🇷 🇦🇷 France & Argentina! Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France: Discover the Rich Heritage of the French Wine & Culinary Scene in Bordeaux France & Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina: A Culinary, Agricultural and Interesting Journey Through Argentina by Michael C. Higgins

#StampYourPassport for both France 🇫🇷 & Argentina 🇦🇷 ! Take a trip through the Vineyards, learn about the Wine, the food, the beautiful scenery and atmosphere that will surround you from amazing homes to gorgeous horses running around! Michael Higgins takes you on a luxurious Tour right right from wherever you are sitting! And, get to know him, because he is about to start an amazing Show at World Of the Write Review called “Book & Wine Tasting”!!


Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France is the second book in its series that brings a unique approach in educating and inspiring readers about the wine regions of the world. Bordeaux takes you on a journey exploring the long and fascinating history of wine, gastronomy, castles and joie de vivre, the French way of living life. The perfect companion for any wine lover or travel enthusiast.

With a passion for wine and travel, author and photographer Michael C. Higgins delves deep into the history of Bordeaux, which he refers to as the “center of the universe for wine.” Combining wine education, insiders travel guide and his spectacular photography, Higgins continues to dazzle his audience with another informative and beautiful book. Higgins helps readers understand the complexities of Bordeaux wine by presenting each region separately and explaining their nuances. He helps them navigate their own way through this historic wine region by highlighting the chateaux, including the ones where you can stay in their castles, restaurants and experiences with detailed maps and insider tips.

With breathtaking photography and personal commentary, readers are mesmerized by the Bordeaux world of wine, food and travel. Extensive resources are provided for wine lovers who want to know where to go, what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to understand complex answers. Everyone can learn how to develop a palate to appreciate the finest wine and food the French has to offer. Both connoisseurs and novices turn to this book series for insider information and inspiration. A must-have book for expanding your knowledge of Bordeaux and its wines.


“Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France” by Michael C. Higgins has opened my eyes to the beautiful Bordeaux wine region of France. Now my love affair with France has even more to love!

The beauty that Michael C. Higgins brings forth is simply outstanding! Between the writing and the photography, I felt like I’d taken a vacation as I flipped the pages! Both alluring and inviting, a lot of photos took my breathe away! Stunning, Fancy, Warm, Glorious and captivating!

The Buildings, like homes and castles are so appealing they feel like fairy-tales! I am in awe! To me they are magical.

To feel like I was standing at among the vineyards sipping on a glass of wine has been such a gift! Michael C. Higgins is very talented. We need more of these books!

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

5 Stars.


Exploring Wine Regions is a unique book series that incorporates the beauty of a quality coffee table piece, an elaborate travel guide, an inspiring wine education, spectacular photography, and captivating adventures into the depths of travel, food and wine connoisseurship. It is the Leading Insiders Guide to exploring the wine regions of the world uncovering extraordinary winemakers, chefs and sommeliers. It includes detailed information to plan and travel to see the most interesting wineries, restaurants and resorts located in these beautiful wine regions. Agronomists, Oenologists, Vintners, Chefs, Sommeliers, and Outdoor Adventurers are interviewed in-depth to give you the inside track to Exploring Wine Regions of the world.” 


Micheal C. Higgins obviously has an amazing eye for taking the right “shot”! He captures Argentina’s Wine Country in such a way that now it is on my bucket list to visit!

I am in love with Malbec’s and to read that Higgins “hadn’t met a Malbec he hasn’t liked” was just super exciting because it became my favorite wine after I received a bottle as a gift from a friend that went to Argentina.

I was so enticed by the horses and food. It felt like I was alongside Michael as he visited Argentina. He shares this part of the world to us like a genius! Everything is delicious! Everything is exciting!

This book can certainly serve as a travel guide. We need more books like this. I trust everyone can enjoy this book, even those that want to take a trip without leaving their home. Micheal C. Higgins provides us with a truly sensational romp through Argentina’s Wine Country. Beautiful, Warm, Inviting, Glamorous, and quite lovely!

Everyone that enjoys wine needs this book!

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

5 Stars.

-New York City Big Book Award
-Best Travel Guidebook of 2021
-25th Annual IPPY Awards
-Best Regional Book of 2021
-Next Generation Indie Book Awards
-Best Wine and Travel Book of 2020
-Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
-Best Travel Guide of 2020
+American BookFest’s Best Book Award
-2nd Best Travel Book of 2021
-Benjamin Franklin Awards
-2nd Best Wine Book of 2021
-National Indie Excellence Award
-2nd Best Travel Book of 2021
-National Indie Excellence Award
-2nd Best Travel Guide of 2021
-International Book Awards
-2nd Best Photography Book of 2021
-Book Excellence Awards
-Honorable Mention – Best Travel Book of 2020
Forward INDIE Awards

About Author/Photographer:

For more than 20 years, author, photographer and wine expert, Michael C. Higgins has been the publisher of Flying Adventures magazine, a lifestyle travel publication for food and wine lovers who own and travel on private airplanes. As a private pilot, travel enthusiast, and food and wine lover himself, Higgins continues to live the story he’s been sharing for decades.

Between the magazine and this book series, Higgins has participated in some of the most extraordinary experiences. He has virtually done it all: from pruning vines, picking grapes, working alongside winemakers, to participating in blind tastings, food and wine pairings, judging Cru Bourgeois wines, and sharing many meals with world renowned winemakers, over countless hours, discussing everything wine. His time in the wine regions add up to thousands of days and counting. And as an accomplished photographer, he has captured even more spectacular images of the wine world.

Higgins has participated in many unique wine experiences, indulged in the most exclusive culinary affairs, been pampered in highly luxurious destinations and jumped into the wildest of adventures. His goal is to inspire his readers to join him in exploring the wine regions of the world and experiencing the unimaginable. Higgins has a BA in Commercial Art, an MBA and a PhD in Business Administration. He is a California native and lives in Pasadena, California.

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