#NewRelease & #BookReview: Merciless Games by Tikiri Herath ~ 4.5 ⭐️


A remote island retreat. Seven reluctant guests. A killer on the prowl.

Lock your door. You could be next.

Seven strangers are invited to an exclusive writers’ retreat on a remote island off the coast of Oregon. Their stay is at a hundred-year-old lighthouse revamped into a luxury ocean-front getaway for the discerning literati who shy from publicity.

Asha arrives on the island, believing her job is to cater to this sagacious celebrity party.

But before the weekend is over, an unseen killer will attempt to murder them, one by one.

With their phones taken away and their only connection to the mainland cut off, panic sets in on the island. Everyone suspects each other until a chilling realization dawn on them.

They are all connected by one horrific incident in the past they’d rather forget.

With a target on her back as well, Asha races against the clock to crack the killer’s code before more innocents die.

But are these seven guests as innocent as they make out to be?


When two New York sleuthing Bakers head cross country to the Oregon Coast with a Dulce de Lecho Cheescake for an exclusive writers retreat, you know that there is more than dessert being delivered!! 

There will be trouble, and no one had to look far.

“Merciless Games” is like reading a live game of “Clue”. The whodunnit had me reeling!! I just kept changing my mind and I never saw it turning out as it did.

Tikiri Herath delivers villains just as wonderfully as she does heroes!

For avid readers, this is so much fun! The Writer Retreat guests are just too intriguing. All of the books that surround them was a huge plus. 

Then, there are the glorious views on the island that are simply immeasurable! 

I highly recommend this book to readers enjoying Agatha Christie or tv viewers that enjoy “Murder She Wrote”.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

4.5 Stars.

About Author:

Tikiri Herath is the multiple award-winning author of pulse-pounding, spine-tingling, international thrillers and mystery novels. 

She is also the author of The Rebel Diva books for kickass women everywhere.

Tikiri has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and a master’s degree from the Solvay Business School in Brussels. For almost two decades, she worked in risk management in the intelligence and defense sectors, including in the Canadian Federal Government and at NATO. 

Tikiri’s an adrenaline junkie who has rock climbed, bungee jumped, rode on the back of a motorcycle across Quebec, flown in an acrobatic airplane upside down, and parachuted solo.

When she’s not plotting another thriller scene or planning an adrenaline-filled trip, you’ll find her baking in her kitchen with a glass of red Shiraz and swing jazz playing in the background.

Born in Sri Lanka, Tikiri grew up in East Africa and has studied, worked, and lived in Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America throughout her adult life. An international nomad and fifth-culture kid, she now calls Canada home.

I am proud to be one of Tikiri Herath’s Beta Readers. Thank you, Tikiri, for the acknowledgment in your book. It means so much to me.

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