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#BookReview: Better Choices by Rod Pennington & Jeffery A. Martin

Reviewer: Serena Soape

Date of Release: June 12, 2020


Allison Clark has made many bad choices. Now, on the cusp of a divorce, she finds herself sandwiched between caring for her often difficult and dying mother and dealing with her rebellious teenaged twins.

When she thinks life couldn’t get any more complicated, Allison discovers her mother has concealed an ominous secret from her for her entire life.

At her twins’ eighteenth birthday party, and nearing the end, her mother checks off the last item on her bucket list and reveals the long-hidden family secret. Allison’s world is immediately turned upside down and the revelation stuns family and friends alike.


“Better Choices” was a thought-provoking novel which begins with Allison finding out shocking deeply buried family secrets. She is on the path to begin her next life stages but has to figure out how to accept and learn to control her “lizard brain” and deal with the cards recently dealt.

Watching the evolvement of Allison with her family definitely kept me wanting to turn the page.

Rod Pennington has given us a motivating entertaining novel. This was a new to me author and glad to have found him.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for fair and honest review.

4 Stars.

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