#BookReview: So Long As We’re Together by Glenda Burgess

Reviewer: Annie McDonnell


Both Serena Soape & I Reviewed this Book. You can find her find her review by simply Searching the book title in the Search Field. We hope you enjoy both points of view.


Two little girls, holding hands and singing in the back seat of a car. There for each other, unafraid. Life for the Stone girls is a life lived on the edge. Singing for a living, Marley and Andi find their way through a childhood of upheaval marked by their mother Donna’s dark, unpredictable flights. Today, Marley writes the songs her twin, country diva Andi Stone, makes famous, and the girls’ connection struggles to survive the cuts and devastations of fame. “You girls,” laments their manager. “One of you marries indiscriminately, the other not at all.” When without warning Donna Stone takes her own life, alone at the family cabin, danger stalks Marley back to Lost Prince Lake, back into the loves and betrayals of the past. Hidden truths threaten to take the Stone sisters down, singly and together. A powerful, intimate portrait of love, ambition, and survival, So Long As We’re Together takes the reader into the lives of three women who give song to broken hearts, and for whom music is the language of family.


Finally! A novel that is a lyrical dance and a gift to all of our senses! An absolute joy and pleasure to read. This is what you call literary fiction at its best!

Glenda Burgess is a truly gifted writer! She delivers the magnificent tale of the Stone Sisters in “As Long As we’re Together”. I found both Andi and Marley to be two richly developed female lead characters, and, I was championing them both the whole way through. Even when I wasn’t sure I liked them.

Their Mother Donna’s story is told through eyes of compassion, even if it takes them them entire book to get there.

I was completely riveted. There were times where I had to read the book out loud because the writing was just so beautiful.

I loved the use of letters, and music, and just everything….Language. Like I said; a lyrical dance! Burgess’ writing is often poetic, often bringing you to tears, making you laugh, or just having you so glued to the pages you cannot stop reading!

This is a book to be savored, read slowly on a Lazy afternoon. Don’t rush this one. Trust me! You’ll be happy you took the time to enjoy every single word!

I must read more Glenda Burgess Now! I am in love!

I was given an ARC of this book by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

5 Stars.

Also, I’d like to add that I LOVED this Cover!

Published by McHorsky

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