#BookReview: The Red Dirt Hymnbook by Roxie Faulkner Kirk

Reviewer: Phyllis Jones Pisanelli


Ruby Fae McKeever is realizing that she made a terrible decision when she dropped out of college two years ago to marry that sweet-faced JW Jasper and join his family’s traveling revival ministry–or, as her Daddy had put it, when she “run off with the dang-fool Jesus Circus.” She’d thought at the time that she was called by God. But now that she thinks about it, maybe she just really, really likes singing on stage. Or she could have confused God’s voice with the feeling of JW’s hand up her shirt. Hey, It’s an understandable mistake.
Now she’s trapped on a never-ending bus tour with a controlling father-in-law, a cipher of a mother-in-law, and a man-boy for a husband who is so desperate to prove himself to his father, he’s capable of almost anything. Homesick, worried for her baby daughter, and cut off from communicating with her family, Ruby Fae is desperate to get back to Oklahoma.


The Red Dirt Hymnbook by Roxie Faulkner Kirk was a beautiful book. The flow was great, but it was the subjects of spousal abuse, child abuse and control that; in my opinion, made it difficult to read at times.
Ruby is the main character who has married into a family that lives on a bus traveling from town to town doing revivals. She lives with her husband, her daughter who is less than a year old and her in-laws. Her father in law has complete control of the family. I don’t want to tell you the whole story but just wanted you to get an idea of how hard Ruby’s life was. You will find yourself pulling for Ruby throughout the story.
The Red Dirt Hymnbook will make you think about your beliefs concerning leadership, family units and Christianity. The book deals with scripture and how it is guides people’s lives for the good and how some can twist it’s meaning to meet their needs and wants.
Roxie Faulkner Kirk did a great job of bringing us a story that pulls at your heartstrings and encourages you think about your beliefs. It wasn’t necessarily an easy read but, I enjoyed the book. Don’t shy away from The Red Dirt Hymnbook. I think you will like it!
I was given a copy of this book by Book Sirens for a fair and honest review.
4 Stars.

2 thoughts on “#BookReview: The Red Dirt Hymnbook by Roxie Faulkner Kirk

  1. This book sounds intriguing, I really like the review, and I would love to read it, sot I will be adding it to my TBR list. Thank you.

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