#AuthorSpotlight ~ Long Islands very own, Gary Welch

Gary WelchGet to know a little bit about Gary Welch, before Friday arrives and we really get to know him when he answers my interview questions.

Gary owns Spectrum PT, where I go for Physical Therapy. He changed my life, and now with this book, he has inspired me even more!

Gary Welch has lived on Long Island since 1998 with his family. This is the first novel that he’s written and it’s based on a dream that his daughter had in 2012.
“During the 2 years that it took me to write this novel, I felt like I was on the greatest adventure I could ever imagine”
At times, I felt like I really owned this phone and had hit the lottery, because of all its magical powers that it offered Abigail and our family. Gary has a doctorate degree in physical therapy and owns a clinic in Patchogue NY with his wife. He also manages a physical therapy department that he started at a National Laboratory back in 2008.
Gary is an adjunct professor at Stony Brook University and Touro College, here on Long Island, where he wrote the course work “Manual and Manipulative Therapy of the Spine and Pelvis.
Dr. Welch plans to continue writing the sequel to the Magic Phone. So, stay tuned for more adventures as Abigail gets older and her adventures become more intense.
You can follow The Magic phone on Facebook or the website at http://www.abbysmagicphone.com.

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