#BookReview: The Lei Crime Series: Esther’s Gift (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Bette Lee Crosby

Summary: In the days before hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai the forecasters predicted it would stay south of Hilo. But Esther Ka’awai, a psychic and gifted wise woman of the ancient culture has seen the future. She knows of the devastation that will come to the island. She has warned those she loves;Continue reading “#BookReview: The Lei Crime Series: Esther’s Gift (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Bette Lee Crosby”

#BookReview ~ “The Beauty of What Remains” by Susan Johnson Hadler

Summary: Where are they now, the lost, the forgotten? With the love in her mother’s silence as her guide, Susan Johnson Hadler began a quest to find out who the missing people in her family were and what happened to them. The search led her to Germany, where her father was killed just before theContinue reading “#BookReview ~ “The Beauty of What Remains” by Susan Johnson Hadler”

#BookReview ~ “The King’s Sisters” by Sarah Kennedy

Summary: It is now 1542 and another queen, Catherine Howard, has been beheaded for adultery. Although young Prince Edward is thriving, and the line of Tudor succession seems secure, the king falls into a deep melancholy and questions the faith and loyalty of those around him. Catherine has found herself in a unique position asContinue reading “#BookReview ~ “The King’s Sisters” by Sarah Kennedy”

#BookReview: “City of Ladies” by Sarah Kennedy

Summary: It’s midwinter in 1539, and former nun, Catherine Havens Overton, has just given birth to her second child, a daughter. The convent in which she was raised is now part of her husband’s lands, lands that once belonged to Catherine’s family. With a son, Robert, and her new daughter, Veronica, her life as theContinue reading “#BookReview: “City of Ladies” by Sarah Kennedy”

#Interview & #Giveaway ~ Author, Sarah Kennedy

Photo Credit Rachel Fowler at RFD Photography  COMMENT BELOW TO WIN A COPY OF HER FIRST NOVEL, THE ALTERPIECE (US ONLY) Q:  When did you realize you were a novelist?  A:  The realization crept up on me gradually.  I used to consider myself a poet only, but when I got to my third book, theContinue reading “#Interview & #Giveaway ~ Author, Sarah Kennedy”

#Spotlight ~ “The Gold Thread” by Sarah Kennedy

Summary: Poetry. THE GOLD THREAD is the most recent book of poetry by Sarah Kennedy. It is an astonishing collection of female saints and holy women speaking to God in a landscape of violence and hope. “Sarah Kennedy’s THE GOLD THREAD is an extended meditation on the quest for meaning—spiritual or otherwise—in a troubled world.Continue reading “#Spotlight ~ “The Gold Thread” by Sarah Kennedy”

#BookReview: “The Altarpiece” by Sarah Kennedy

Summary: It is 1535, and in the tumultuous years of King Henry VIII’s break from Rome, the religious houses of England are being seized by force. Twenty-year-old Catherine Havens is a foundling and the adopted daughter of the prioress of the Priory of Mount Grace in a small Yorkshire village. Catherine, like her adoptive mother,Continue reading “#BookReview: “The Altarpiece” by Sarah Kennedy”

#BookReview: “The Magic Phone” by Gary Welch

Summary: The Magic Phone is a story of a young girl “Abigail” who lives in a quaint little town on the south shore of Long Island. She’s given a phone with powers that you’ve never imagined from a device that so many of us use everyday. This story will take you on a journey thatContinue reading “#BookReview: “The Magic Phone” by Gary Welch”

#INTERVIEW & #GIVEAWAY ~ Gary Welch, Author of “The Magic Phone”

Comment below to enter our Giveaway. Gary is offering one lucky winner an autographed First Edition of his book, “The Magic Phone”. This book is a great gift idea for your child reader, age 8-12. Q:  When did you realize you were a novelist? I began to realize that I may have the potential toContinue reading “#INTERVIEW & #GIVEAWAY ~ Gary Welch, Author of “The Magic Phone””

#INTERVIEW & #GIVEAWAY ~ Get to know Vicki Abelson, author of “Don’t Jump”

Comment below for your chance to win a print copy of her book, “Don’t Jump” (US Only) Q:  When did you realize you wanted to add author to your list of accomplishments? On October 27th, 2015, when Don’t Jump was published and I became one.  Seriously, during all the years writing the book, I barelyContinue reading “#INTERVIEW & #GIVEAWAY ~ Get to know Vicki Abelson, author of “Don’t Jump””