#INTERVIEW & #GIVEAWAY ~ Award Winning Author, Bette Lee Crosby answers a few questions, and she is offering an eBook copy of “The Memory House” to one lucky winner!! You must enter, this is one of my favorite stories!

For a chance to win an eCopy of “The Memory House”, please leave a comment below.  Winner to be announced on Monday, September 14th, 2015, after 5pm. 

I can honestly say that most of my friends and family will ADORE this book, and get on board with all of Bette Lee Crosby’s writing after reading this! She is stunning!

DSCN0145 (3)


Q:  When did you realize you were a novelist?

About a year after I finished 4 years of college studying to be an artist. Haha. I started out as a packaging designer and when one of the salesmen asked me to make up some copy to fill the empty space on the back of a pantyhose package I got hooked on words. It is a form of painting – but instead of a brush you use letters.

red brushstroke

Annie: This explains why your writing is so “fluid”, like a brushstroke.  I love getting to ask these questions.  I learn so much about the author, and it explains a lot.

Q:  With “The Loft” being released on September 15th, 2015, have you started your next big story?

I am getting very close to completing Book 3 in the Memory House Series – which will be called “Flawed Memories” – and I must say I am loving this series. It is sort of a mix of mystery, magic and a bit of romance. A bit different than some of my other books – more contemporary and with a magical realism sort of twist.

Annie:  So excited for your next book! I was drawn in by “The Memory House”, I need to catch up! As a book reviewer, it is hard to find the time to read all of the books that you want to…but, I have purchase ALL of your books, and plan to read them while on vacation next month.  I get a lot of books in exchange for an honest review, but I have to say that I just had to have your books in my library!!!!

Q:  As you gear up for a Book Release, what is the most exciting part(s) for you?

By far it is hearing the comments from early readers and reviewers.  I spend all this time writing a book and worry right up to the very last minute of release day wondering whether or not readers will like it. When someone writes to me and says something like “I fell in love with this look, Annie is so like me…etc.” My heart melts. Reader acceptance, this is what it is all about. When readers enjoy my books, I do a happy dance.Happy Dance

Annie:  I did a happy dance too! As a reviewer, it is always great to read a book that you love, and I surely devoured yours!    My tagline is “Devour Books”, so that is awesome!!

Here is a Link to my review of “The Memory House” THE GIVEAWAY BOOK:



Q:  I always enjoy your book covers, especially the one for your new book!  Are they hard to choose, design? The Loft

Some are very difficult, some are easier. The key is finding the right image to portray what you want people to see in the story. It is always a bit more difficult when you have a story set in the 1940’s or 50’s because a lot of the images are too contemporary for that time frame.  I was extremely pleased with the job the designer did on Passing through Perfect.  That cover is perfect for the story and it was one of the first ones he did.  However on The Loft, the final cover was the 12th design submitted.  Having come from an art background I am probably way too nit-picky, but I want my readers to feel the same magic I feel when I finally see the right cover.

Annie: I love a great cover, and you certainly offer several!  I love looking at your authors page on Amazon and Goodreads.


Q: When do you typically write?  Where do you write? Set the scene for us….

I am by nature a night owl, but the funny thing is my best writing time is in the early part of the day. That is mostly because I think about my story before I go to sleep, often include it in my dreams and wake up anxious to get back to it.  I try not to get online until late afternoon because once I start that, I go back to being me and lose the personality of the character I am writing about. I have an office in the front of our house. It is a very serene spot that looks out onto the lawn and a HUGE oak tree. My office has double doors and when they are closed hubby knows not to disturb me.  My writing buddy is Sugar. She sits in my lap a good part of the day and when she isn’t in my lap she is under my desk. Her toy basket is in my office and if she gets bored, she rummages through the basket and hauls out a toy for me to throw. We play for five minutes, then it is back to work.

Annie: Sounds like me with my dog, Simon!! Aren’t they the best!  He is always with me when I read and write the reviews.



Q:  May I ask who your favorite authors are?  Or, Books?

Favorite books more than authors, and my taste is somewhat eclectic. To kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favorites; s fairly new favorite is The Night Circus and an even more recent favorite is The Nightingale. All of these are very different. I loved Mockingbird for the strength and authenticity of the characters, I loved Night Circus for the beauty of its prose and I loved The Nightingale for the way it captured the heartache of a war-torn country.

Annie:  Ok, Now I know I must check out Nightingale, are you speaking of the book by Kristin Hannah? I have heard great things about this book! 

Let me add, “You are one of my favorite authors, Bette Lee Crosby!” I can see how you have earned so many awards and being on best sellers lists!

I am lucky to know you!  You are not only a great author, but a wonderful person!

Lastly, Book or eBook?

E-books. I love the instant gratification of hearing someone talk about a great book or seeing it online and then having it in my hot little hands in less than a minute. Also, as an author I am very appreciative of the fact that e-readers enable me to offer my books to readers for far less than I would pay if I had to pay for paper, printing, storage, and distribution. Is it sad to see less print books in circulation? Yes, perhaps it is, but I believe the good far outweighs the bad.

Annie: Great take on this.  I love having the book in hand and being able to share the book with others.  But, while traveling, eBooks are certainly wonderful.

Thank you for taking the time to let me interview you…My mission is to inspire others to read, and your books are definitely inspiring!  I love spreading the word!!

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32 thoughts on “#INTERVIEW & #GIVEAWAY ~ Award Winning Author, Bette Lee Crosby answers a few questions, and she is offering an eBook copy of “The Memory House” to one lucky winner!! You must enter, this is one of my favorite stories!

  1. Would like a copy of Memory House. I am accustomed to print, but will try the e-book. Enjoying the BFF club Bette.

      1. I do agree that words are a form of painting! Always enjoy your interviews, Annie. Keep up the excellent work.

      2. Thank you so much, Denise! You are so supportive! Have you seen the movie “Words and Pictures”? I bet you would enjoy it..
        Thank you for visiting!

  2. What a wonderful article. Once you become involved with art, I know myself that you never look at anything the same way again. I am sure that is why Bette’s great books equal her wonderful covers. Keep up the wonderful writing. I will be waiting and anxious for all of them.

    Cynthia Blain

    1. HI Cynthia, Thank you for taking the time to check out the interview with Bette Lee Crosby. Are you an artist? Do you have an eReader? What are your top five favorite books of all times, and then, the top five this year?

    1. Hi Paige, I hope that you will be inspired enough to give one of my books a try. I think you might like them. Memory House is book #1 in this series and The Loft is book #2.
      If you pre-order The Loft by tomorrow you will get it for just $.99 – after release it goes to $3.99. I did that as a special way to thank loyal friends and fans.

  3. I have read some great reviews of this book and this review makes me even more determined to read it. If I win a copy, that would be great but I will also request it at my public library.
    Thanks and blessings yo both of you!

    1. HI Connie, Maybe you will win!! I will announce the winner tomorrow after 5pm. Do you have an eReader? I am looking forward to her new book release on Tuesday of THE LOFT!! Come back after you read any, and tell me what you think! I love talking books..
      What are your favorite books?

    2. Hi Connie, I think because it is so new it will not be in the libraries yet, but we are working to get better coverage for all of my books in libraries. Fingers crossed. I love when people can get my books at the library. I love anything that lets me share my work with friends and followers.

  4. I have read other great reviews of this book and this one makes me determined to read it, one way or the other. If I can win a copy, that would be great but I will also request it at my public library. Thank you and blessings!
    cps1950 at gmail dot com

  5. Loved this interview, especially finding out that Bette’s buddy Sugar is in her lap as she writes!! Love it!!

    1. I love learning more about authors…it makes you appreciate their stories more…in my opinion..That is why I started interviewing them. Cindy, do you have an eReader? What are your five favorite books of all times? and, this year?

    2. Hi Cindy, Sugar is so playful, she keeps me laughing all the time. If I am actually typing, she sleeps under my desk, but if I stop to make a phone call or anything, she grabs one of her toys and throws it in my lap. She wants me to toss it for her. She is my 3rd Bichon and I’ve loved each and every one with all my heart. They are a sweet and funny breed.

    1. Hello Robin, thank you for reading the interview. Bette Lee Crosby’s books will not disappoint. You gave been entered into the Giveaway….I’ll announce the winner on Monday after 5pm.

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