Barkley’s Great Escape is joyful lesson!! An Awesome Children’s Book!!

Barkleys great escape

Wanda Wyont is a genius!   Not only is her story a wonderfully delightful children’s storybook, but it has lessons to be learned, and even questions to go over when the story ends.  I think that Barkley may have more lessons coming…..but, only Wanda Wyont will know that!

Barkley is a dog that escapes his back yard and takes a short visit around his neighborhood.  It made me think of my dog, when he does something similar….During Barkley’s travels he goes in to a backyard of someone that has a pool, and he jumps in and needs help to get out.

This story is too cute, and has a huge lesson for children and parents regarding water safety.   I think that this story was genius because of the lesson, and this is a great time of year to grab it.  I see teachers wanting to read this story in class…I see parents wanting to get this for their children that love animals and pets.

The Illustrations are just as wonderful.  I totally see myself reading this to my young nieces and godson!  I also know they will want more from Barkley!

I highly recommend this children’s book!!  What is better than a great story with a water safety lesson as well!

5 Stars.

1 thought on “Barkley’s Great Escape is joyful lesson!! An Awesome Children’s Book!!”

  1. Thank you very much for the endorsement and review. I am glad that you liked my new book, Barkley’s Great Escape. The “real” Barkley taught me some valuable lessons. As an educator, I had to write his story as a way to get the word out about water safety to children, parents, and teachers. Again, thank you very much.
    Wanda Wyont

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