Perfect timing for this book!


This is a great time for everyone to read this book! With Cop shootings are all over the news; this is the perfect time for Sarah Pekkanen to tell this story.  It will open your heart to each side of the events.  I highly recommend this book!

I was amazed at how easily she would add circumstances to the story, yet never leave the heart of the storyline.

At the heart of this story is the marriage between Jamie and Mike Anderson.  They seem to be drifting apart, and Jamie is not sure why.  But, she does not say anything.  That part drove me mad, as I am not able to keep my feelings in.

Mike is a Police Officer and one day his partner was shot in the line of duty, and Mike is left a mess because of it.  This only makes Jamie and Mike’s communication struggle more.  And, if you think that is enough to make a story…it is…but, Sarah Pekkanen has much more to tell!  I don’t like to give out much information on a story, but I will say that this book will keep you thinking about how you may deal with any of these situations.

3 Stars

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