“The Summer’s End” by Mary Alice Monroe–This story came alive!!

I was given a copy of this book for a fair review by Netgalley.

Mary Alice Monroe not only tells a marvelous tale, but she uses the English language like no one I have read in a long time.  She describes everything in such a way that you feel like you are actually there, experiencing the sights, sounds and conversations, first hand.  Her words weave magically to take you away to Sullivan’s Island, SC where three sisters spend a summer with their Mamaw, Marietta.

Whenever I went to put the book down, I would get caught up in a new paragraph; it was very hard to put down.  Only sleep or chores stopped me until I was finished.

Harper, Carson and Dora, all come to their Mamaw’s home named “Sea Breeze”.  They will learn the importance of family and that making memories is the greatest gift in this life.

I believe there is something in this book for everyone.  Mary Alice Monroe writes of love, both familial and romantic.  Dora is going through a divorce and her son Nate, is a child with special needs.  Carson is pregnant, and trying to figure things out on her own, without Blake the father of her child…at the moment.  Carson also has a connection with an injured Dolphin, named Delphie.  Harper is a writer, and she meets a man named Taylor suffering with a diagnosis he does not want to reveal too hastily.

“Sea Breeze” is where it all happens.  Her book comes alive in your mind so vividly, that you will definitely feel like I took a little vacation.  Gosh, I just love books that do that!  Take a Weekend Getaway with “The Summers End”.  I plan to do that with another one of her stories.

Now, I need to go and add her to my list of “Must Read Authors”.  I suggest you do the same.

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3 thoughts on ““The Summer’s End” by Mary Alice Monroe–This story came alive!!

  1. I have read the first two books in this series and absolutely loved them! Can’t wait to read Summer’s End!!

    1. While I cannot wait to read the other two…hahaha…This book was so well-crafted! I loved Harper!

    2. Paige, you should join our book club…this months book is “the memory house” by Bette Lee Crosby. You can find us on twitter @mchorsky

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