The Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scotch

Willa (a.k.a. William) Chandler-Golden is a woman living as peaceful as possible, or at least she thinks she is, but she is far from it! She believes in (air quotes) No rocking the boat! So, when her husband Shawn starts showing signs (even proof) of dishonesty, Willa holds tight to the fact that if she asks no questions, her life will stay safe between the four walls of their marriage. The problem was their life was growing beyond the four walls, and Shawn was trying new things without Willa. I was shaking the book, because I wanted to knock her upside the head. Literally! I am thinking “ASK QUESTIONS” Willa! So, this book had to be read in ONE sitting. Ok, TWO! I needed to sleep and wake up to begin again. Not happy I had to stop. LOL.
She grew up hearing that everything happens for a reason, when it is meant to happen; as her father dedicated his whole life to the belief that “you are where you are meant to be, when you are meant to be there”, he was on television talking about it for years after his book release. People were drawn to it, as if it were life’s very instruction manual.
This was a bit of a “Self-Help” Book for me, and I can see it being that way for many women…I mean, come on; you want to know something you (air quotes) rock the boat; if you want something you (air quotes) go after it…Not everything will just come to you. You will decide by the end of this book, which way you live.
So, when Willa’s life goes on a gigantic tailspin; she and her friend, Vanessa map out their own destiny.
This book is written for our times for sure! It was fun to read, as it had texts, facebook comments, tweets, etc. in it. It was exciting to read.
Totally amusing Beach Read! Go get it and find out if you stay in a marriage that was supposed to be, or leave it to go for something you want more.


Cavendon Hall by Barbara Taylor Bradford

This book stands alone. Read it. Fall in Love.
This book stands alone.
Read it.
Fall in Love.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shows “Downton Abbey” and “Upstairs, Downstairs”, so when I read the synopsis of this novel, I knew I would love it or hate it; by comparison. Bradford’s novel is its very own story of a family and their caretakers.
Bradford weaves the web of lives, secrets and lies between Servants and the Upper Class at Cavendon Hall, and of English Society from 1913-1920;. I could not believe the abundance of storylines Bradford’s novel had to share. Each of them could have been their own novel. I had to read the last paragraph and line a few times; hoping for a second book. I wanted to know what happens to Miles and his love for Cecily.
Occasionally you fall in deep serious like with a novel, and this is one of them! I enjoyed each character in Bradford’s novel, just as you do on the television screen. A great writer helps you paint a picture! Bradford’s was beautiful. I may have disliked some characters, like Deidre and Felicity, but; I will admit if I like everyone something gets lost in the story. I already miss them, as you miss the season break between “Downton Abbey”. The question is, will there be a wine and tea named “Cavendon Hall”! I think there should be, or Bradford needs to consider it! If there is, I would enjoy a glass of wine or cup of tea as I learn of the life of Daphne and Hugo. What becomes of Charles? Charlotte?
The Ingham’s are the family of the house, while the Swann’s run the house. To be fair, the Ingham’s needed the Swann’s; just as the Swann’s needed the Ingham’s. They share an oath that has been honored for centuries. This Oath has lived on for centuries, and each family member goes through a lot to uphold that solemn vow. The question is, can the deepest secrets between each person regarding an attack on Daphne Ingham before her ‘Coming Out” party. Will any of these lies make its way past the four walls of this house?
While I sensed a bit of boredom more than half-way through the novel; I am so pleased that I finished it. Everything was neatly wrapped up in unexpected ways. I believe I got “bored” because I thought I knew where Bradford was going with the storyline. But,
I was wrong. Do not compare “Cavendon Hall” to the television shows you believe this novel to be similar to. It stands Alone.
Read it. Go Fall In Love.